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There’s nothing like the spring to make you feel rejuvenated and energetic. Put that energy to good use and include your front and backyard to your spring cleaning routine. You will be so happy you did so you can begin to enjoy your outdoor living space!

  1. Remove the debris caused by wind, rain and snow. Collect fallen branches, sticks and garbage. Don’t forget about picking up any animal waste from your yard. Remove existing mulch to prepare for the new layer you will add once your spring planting is done.
  2. Rake leaves and any escaped gravel from aggregate walkways and patios. Check your town’s schedule for leaf collection days.
  3. Prune away branches, bushes and hedges that were winter damaged to make room for new growth. Prune flowering perennials that look overgrown and ornamental grass to allow new growth.
  4. Trim damaged tree limbs and branches that you can easily reach, and/or make arrangements for a professional tree trimmer to trim the rest.
  5. Prep damaged lawn areas for spring seeding; remove any dead turf with a square metal rake. Flip it over and spread compost.

Once your yard is all clean, you will feel motivated to take it to the next level, so

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