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What You Need to Know About Planting in Fall Image

What You Need to Know About Planting in Fall

When it comes to planting, many people associate spring with planting season. However, the often-overlooked fall season can be just as advantageous, if not more so, for planting a wide variety of plants. From early fall through most of November…
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A Guide to Enhancing Your Backyard Experience Image

A Guide to Enhancing Your Backyard Experience

As the weather warms up, many of us are eager to spend more time outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether you’re lounging on a patio, entertaining guests, or playing with your kids, your backyard can provide a much-needed…
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Custom built outdoor wood burning fireplace

Fireplaces and Outdoor Spaces

Creating an outdoor space that includes a fireplace can be a great way to spend time outdoors. Outdoor fireplaces have become more and more requested as outdoor living has increased in popularity in the last few years. Fireplaces are a…
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A patio pavilion

Patios and Pavilions

Patios and pavilions are outdoor living spaces that provide a great way to expand your living area, entertain guests, and create unique outdoor experiences. Pavilions are typically larger, freestanding structures that provide a covered area for outdoor activities, however pavilions…
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Planting landscape

The 5 Elements of Landscaping 

Western Lehigh guarantees that each landscape is not only designed to last but also to reflect the homeowner’s vision and personal style while following the elements of an appealing landscape.  Line, form, texture, color, and scale are the five aspects…
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Pruning Back the Top 4 Landscaping Myths Image

Pruning Back the Top 4 Landscaping Myths

In addition to landscaping and hardscaping, our job usually includes a lot of myth busting. Here are four of the most common misconceptions we encounter and the real advice we give our clients. False. Colder months are actually the best…
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