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Crocus bulbs ready to plant in the fall garden.

Fall Planting

Now that temperatures are falling and leaves are changing colors, it might seem backwards to start adding new plants to your landscape. September can’t be a good time for planting, right? This is quite a common misconception. Actually, autumn is…
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Buzz Off: Combating Pests This Summer Image

Buzz Off: Combating Pests This Summer

Pests. They come in many forms from rodents to insects. Not only can they be annoying, but they can be detrimental to your landscape. The good news is there are plenty of measures you can take to combat their destruction.…
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Planting the Seeds of Great Landscaping Image

Planting the Seeds of Great Landscaping

Trees, shrubs, and grasses, oh my! Planting is both a landscape essential as well as a significant contributor to the health of our environment. Western Lehigh always makes use of plant materials that are pest-resistant as well as low maintenance,…
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A pool with hardscape design

Dreaming of Summer Swimming?

The snow has melted and it’s starting to stay lighter later. Now that we are enjoying our spring weather, we can’t help but look forward to summer. If you are dreaming of hot, summer days next to your own pool,…
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Spotted Lanternfly

Should You Be Worried About Spotted Lanternflies?

Last year, the Lehigh Valley fell under siege. The culprit? The spotted lanternfly. Despite being native to Asia, spotted lanternflies were popping up across the United States infesting cities and killing and destroyed plants. Homeowners were warned to be on…
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A landscape with planting covered in snow

How to Detect Winter Damage to Your Trees and Shrubs

Brrr, as the old song goes, “ Baby it’s cold outside!” Due to this year’s extreme cold temperatures, snowfalls and winds, your trees and shrubs may have taken a real beating. Broken limbsCracked barkLoss of twigs or barkYellowing/browning or loss…
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Stone walkway circling around garden bed with boulders

9 Helpful Hints for Landscaping Savings

1. Look for inspiration elsewhere, such as magazines, websites and neighbors yards. Don’t set yourself up for failure, or feel intimidated, at the prospect of landscaping the entire front and/or backyard. Break down the areas into distinct phases, so that…
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