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At this point in time, our backyard has become more than just the occasional grilling spot. It has become our retreat, our favorite vacation spot, and our very own hidden getaway. Since many vacation plans have been canceled or postponed for the summer, make the most of your outdoor living space. Western Lehigh Landscape can help you transform your backyard into a 5-star resort.

The All-Inclusive Resort

An in-ground pool with a waterfall

Vacation is often synonymous with soaking up the sun and spending a lot of time in the water. We are experts at creating your own unique backyard oasis with our custom pool designs. Add some fun for the whole family through waterfalls, or even water slides. We will work with the pool contractor of your choice to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want.

The Retreat Into Nature

Boulders surround a flower bed

Sometimes, you need to refresh and recharge in nature and get re-grounded with your roots. We can incorporate The Great Outdoors into your landscape with fresh planting, natural rock design, and water features. Do you want to relax by the stream? We can do that. Do you want to enjoy the lush greenery? We can do that, too.

The Relaxing Spa Treatment

A water feature along a walkway

Self-care is so important, and taking time to relax is the key to happiness. We can bring the tranquility of a spa getaway right to your backyard through custom water features. Whether it be a pond, stream, or adding a waterfall to your pool, your landscape will gain a serene and beautiful focal point.

The Campout

A hardscaped fire place

Some of the best memories are made sitting around the campfire, singing songs, enjoying the fresh air, and roasting marshmallows. With our help,  we can bring the campsite right to your patio. Our hardscaped fire pits are perfect for family-friendly fun and entertaining company alike.

No matter the outdoor living space Western Lehigh can help incorporate elements of your favorite getaways into your own backyard. Contact us today at 610-395-5557 to get your project started!