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Pests. They come in many forms from rodents to insects. Not only can they be annoying, but they can be detrimental to your landscape. The good news is there are plenty of measures you can take to combat their destruction.

Landscaping Tips and Tricks

Citronella candles are a favorite tried and true method of repelling mosquitoes. While these are a great quick fix, there are some ways to keep these insects away through landscaping. Believe it or not, having a little garden could be just the ticket to not only repel mosquitoes but other pests as well. Marigolds, rosemary and lavender are all primary candidates to keeping critters at bay.

Clean Gutters Make for Less Pests

Did you know that cleaning your gutters could keep your home infestation-free? Clogged gutters hold in moisture, creating the perfect place for pests to procreate and nest. Many insects need stagnant water to lay their eggs. What better place than a cozy gutter? Cleaning it out will get rid of all stagnant water, leaving pests one less place to make themselves at home.

Safe Alternatives

Vacating vermin doesn’t always have to be with the use of poisons and harmful chemicals. Many creepy crawlers will be turned off by garlic and jalapeno, so respective sprays can be DIY-ed to keep your plants safe. These alternatives are the best and safest options for those that have pets and small children to make sure that your family is unaffected by any harmful ingredients.

Now that you have some tools in your back pocket on keeping your landscape safe, are you thinking about adding some new elements?  Call Western Lehigh at 610-395-5557 to talk about some fresh design ideas. Have an itch for something new but don’t know what you want? Check out our Pinterest board to see some of our designs!