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The space between the curb and your front door is the first, if not only, part of your home that people will see before being invited through the door. Even so, this space is often overlooked.

Planting and grooming your lawn are easy steps to help increase your home’s curb appeal; however, hardscaping brings endless design and functionality to this space that will have the neighbors talking.

Hardscaping can bring a lot of personality and functionality to your forgotten or overlooked space. What’s more, a paved driveway can actually increase your home’s value. The paving materials that we select at Western Lehigh are cutting-edge and durable, which means that when you invest in hardscaping, you are making an investment in your home. Our hardscape materials are built to withstand time, use, and the weather.

This space can be utilized for much more than just driveways. Decorative retaining walls, sitting walls, and walkways can all be hardscaped to maximize the use of your space. These elements are not only nice to look at, but they can benefit your landscape in case of natural disasters or harsh weather. Hardscapes can help prevent the spread of fire and soil erosion, keeping you and your landscape safe and sound.

Many people dream of passing time on their front porch. Hardscaping can make that dream a reality by extending your home outside. Stone patios can add curb appeal to your property while creating a space for memories to be made.

Do you want to fill your forgotten space? Call Western Lehigh at 610-395-5557 today to discuss what kind of hardscaping design would be best for your residential or commercial property. To get some ideas, visit our Pinterest board to see some of our designs!