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More and more people are looking to turn their homes and outdoor space into beautiful spa-like retreats. For enjoyable at-home entertaining and vacationing, consider the following current trends for outdoor living; regardless of your budget or your actual space, Western Lehigh Landscape can give you the idyllic patio or deck of your dreams:

  • Mixture of textures, materials and colors; varying shapes of pavers, chunks of slate, colored stones, stained and printed concrete, sand and boulders
  • Outdoor grills, pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens for dining alfresco
  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces casts a warm glow over the entire space
  • Shade sails and outdoor heaters for year round comfort and outdoor fun
  • Freeform hardscapes or rammed earth couches for seating / banco seating with storage space
  • Dual purpose retaining walls for delineating and sectioning off cozy spaces
  • Extended indoor/outdoor architecture custom structural additions; extend the roof line or building structure to create overhang for patio
  • Family friendly gardens; personal herb and vegetables planting areas; hot houses; composts
  • Garden fountains; water features provide relaxing sounds
  • A beautiful collection of planters and glazed pots
  • Pondside patio or in-ground spas for added tranquility
  • An outdoor “area rug” of stained concrete pavers or brick inlay in a contrasting color
  • Hanging art, creatively placed mirrors to give the illusion of an enlarged area
  • Draperies for a romantic or cabana touch
  • Soft patio; creative use of varying shapes of paving stones laced with grass lawn area for a soft path
  • Outdoor furniture constructed of coordinating materials used in the patio, grill or fireplace is easy on the eye
  • Wood siding /repurposed and reclaimed wood to provide an authentic “distressed look”
  • Upcycled finds for decorations and furniture for the eco-conscience

Doesn’t everyone want to come home to a beautiful relaxing area to decompress after a hard day at work? Spring and summer are just around the corner! Call us today at 610-395-5557 to discuss our process and the exciting ideas for your backyard!