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Now that temperatures are falling and leaves are changing colors, it might seem backwards to start adding new plants to your landscape. September can’t be a good time for planting, right? This is quite a common misconception.

Actually, autumn is the best time to add some perennials and trees to your landscape, especially if the trees you are planting are in the evergreen family. Since it is not as hot outside, the plants won’t be under as much stress as they would be in the hot summer sun. While it may be starting to cool down outside, the soil is still warm from the summer months. This creates the perfect environment for plants to flourish and is also a great time to seed your lawn as well.

Many people wait until spring to plant fruits and vegetables in their garden. But, there are many goodies that can grow in cooler temperatures. It is recommended to plant your garlic in the beginning of fall and harvest it in the spring. Many root veggies also grow best in the fall, including carrots and turnips.

One of our favorite tips for fall planting is to make your own mulch and we promise, it is not as hard as you might think. As the leaves begin to fall off of the trees, save them instead of burning them or bringing them to the dump. Run your lawnmower over your leaf pile to mince the leaves and apply them on top of your plants’ soil.

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