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The Lehigh Valley is currently experiencing a booming housing market with a record number of first-time home buyers and a movement of families to larger houses with more outdoor space. 

Western Lehigh is positioned to make sure that your outdoor space is picture-perfect just in time for spring whether you’re buying or building your home.

Here’s our best advice to home buyers to get them thinking about their outdoor space:

Timing is Everything

Landscaping happens at different phases in the home buying process, depending on if you are buying or building. If you are buying, landscaping can happen as early as the day of your closing and depending on how much landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn maintenance you would like, sooner if often better so that your house will be ready to enjoy come warmer weather. If you are building, the landscaping may be able to happen before the ground is even broken— although it’s often preferred to begin once the builders are complete with the foundation and framing.

Select Native Plants

Using a local landscaper provides the added benefit of understanding the local climate and what plants are right for your space. Our team of experts can work with you to develop the perfect backyard landscape utilizing trees and shrubs to give you added layers of privacy and choosing plants that make your outside space pop.

Use Hardscaping to Cut Down on Lawn Maintenance

Want backyard space to relax and entertain but don’t want to add the stress of significant lawn maintenance? We suggest utilizing hardscaping to craft a backyard that pairs effortless utility with low-maintenance lawn care. Creating a hardscape patio, pathway, or firepit eliminates lawn space that requires mowing or maintenance while adding design value and curb appeal to your outdoor space.

Keep HOA Requirements in Mind

Depending on where you live, landscaping a new build or newly purchased home may need to fall within the requirements of HOA guidelines. This could include color specifications for rocks, mulch, and pavers, types of trees and plants, as well as timelines.

Before making any changes to your outdoor property, check in with your HOA and submit your plans for approval. Keep in mind that this may mean starting your process earlier than anticipated in order to draft up landscaping plans, submit them for approval, and keep to your desired end date.

No matter what your situation we are here to help. Contact the team at Western Lehigh to learn more about your landscaping options and discuss your yard’s design potential. Give us a call at 610-395-5557 or get a quote online.