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Americans have a history of being enthralled with the Royal Family, from Princess Diana to Meghan Markle. You could make your landscape fit for a king or queen this spring by picking up some tips from Kensington Palace. 

Use color, and lots of it

The Kensington Palace Gardens use lots of color, which can sometimes be intimidating, but nature is beautiful! Plants and flowers bloom in an array of different colors, making it easy to create a broad color palate for your landscape. 

Clean, symmetrical lines

Kensington Palace utilizes symmetry and straight, clean lines in both the planting and rock designs. This design structure gives a very formal and classic look to the landscape, giving balance to the overall design. 

Dip your toes into water features

Aside from the lush greens and well-balanced design, the water features might be our favorite elements of Kensington Palace. The pond in the center of the landscape adds an element of tranquility to the landscape. If you want to emulate this look in your backyard, we can add in a pond, stream or pool of your own. 

Make a statement

The Kensington Palace Gardens have gorgeous container gardens that make visitors feel like they are walking through a fantasy land. While container gardens, majestic fountains and large monuments might seem out of reach for Lehigh Valley homeowners, you can still make a statement. Take a step out of your comfort zone and pick a focal point that makes a statement, whether it be a water feature, a large tree, or a firepit.

Want to create a yard that feels royal? We can do that. Call us at  610-395-5557 to set up a consultation for your design. To find more modish ideas, visit our Pinterest page for inspiration.