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Try some of these exciting lighting DIY outdoor lighting tips to illuminate your outdoor living space and create a distinctive mood.

  • Moroccan or Mason jar lanterns. They provide the same shimmering glow as candles, but won’t blow out. You can set the lanterns on a table, paver stones or they can be hung by their handles at strategic points in your garden, deck or patio.
  • Glow in the dark paint. Add to stepping stones, pebbles or plant pots around the edge of the garden, patio or pool area. They don’t require electricity, it’s clever and so easy.
  • String lights. You can hang them on trees, around the posts, railings, furniture, pergola, fencing or umbrella stand.
  • Cube Lighting. They are available cordless lights in various sizes, the larger cube can double as an end table, put several together for a coffee table. The smaller one can sit on a tabletop.
  • LED icicle lights. Look cool hanging from trees, gives the look of rain or snow crystals.
  • Solar gutter lights. No electric outlet needed and it hangs from any gutter systems, walls, shed, fences, or flat surface.
  • Chandelier. Gives the look of elegance or shabby chic. Hang it from free standing posts over your seating area.

There are many options for great outdoor lighting. For professional landscaping designs call Western Lehigh. Save on energy costs with low-voltage systems which are generally much safer than higher-voltage units.
We’ll work with you every step of the way — from drawing board to installation — to give you your ideal outdoor living space. Call us today 610-395-5557 to discuss our process and exciting ideas for your backyard!