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Trees, shrubs, and grasses, oh my! Planting is both a landscape essential as well as a significant contributor to the health of our environment. Western Lehigh always makes use of plant materials that are pest-resistant as well as low maintenance, to ensure that you always reap the rewards of our design.

Aesthetically, planting can set the entire tone for your landscape. Your landscape choices can produce a natural look that feels fresh and beautiful. Or, they could be structured, with straight lines and symmetry to add definition to your landscape. Adding plants to your landscape can also add splashes of color that can liven up your entire home design. Whether you want to drastically change your color scheme or just a quick pop of pigment, plants can add some variation to your design.

Planting can also add a natural barrier to your landscape by soaking up excessive noise. If you’ve been looking for the perfect solution for those noisy neighbors, we can plant a natural barrier that can restore your peaceful backyard oasis. If you reside in an open space, adding plants can add an element of privacy. Adding a berm to the edge of your property or natural fencing in your yard with some trees or shrubs can act as a barrier between your home and your surroundings.

While there are many eye-catching reasons to add plants to your next landscape, it is undoubtedly great for the environment. Plants clean the air and make it healthier for us to breathe. While it helps to eliminate some air pollution, it also helps support the ecosystem. The plants in your design can help pollinate the earth, producing both a visually appealing and environmentally conscious backyard.

If you want to discuss what plants might be right for your landscape, call Western Lehigh at 610-395-5557 today. We have an abundance of design ideas for any residential or commercial property. To see a few, visit our Pinterest board! Let’s get digging!