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A water feature can add a touch of nature to any landscape. However, water features need a little more maintenance than nature’s creations.

Whether you’re considering a standalone pond or stream, or thinking about adding a waterfall onto your pool, you’ll need to consider the climate and how water loss will factor into your maintenance schedule. You should keep a diligent eye on the level of the water in your feature to optimize its functionality, and increase its longevity.

Water features look best when the water is clean and debris-free. If you have a filtration system, you should be cleaning it often to be sure that the system does not get backed up. If you don’t have a filtration system, a skimming net will be your best friend.

If you have a pond with fish, be sure to keep an eye on the population. Koi fish are among the most popular fish to have in ponds, but many people forget for every one inch of fish, there should be an equal gallon of water. Keep an eye on the size of your fish and make sure that they have enough space to thrive in the pond.

All water features have a pump to keep the water flowing. If there is an issue with your pump, it could affect your whole system. Check your pump often to ensure that they are clean and that there are no blockages or other problems.

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