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Gone are the leaves and the long days of summer. While a beautiful landscape may be falling to the wayside with the impending holiday season quickly approaching, there still are many ways you can prepare your home for the winter months ahead. Winterizing your landscape now will help ensure that it flourishes come springtime. It can also save you time and labor after the thaw.

Don’t Put Away Your Lawnmower Yet

It might be tempting to store your lawnmower in your shed for good come November, but don’t stop mowing until you notice the grass has stopped growing. Shorter grass makes raking the fall foliage much easier and presents a tidier appearance than unkempt grass. On the same note, don’t forget to reseed your grass as fall’s climate is prime for fixing up brown or dead spots in your lawn.

Frost and Fertilizer Make a Great Team

Since the mornings are sure to keep getting frostier, now is the perfect time to fertilize your landscape. Even though you are not trying to grow any new plants, fertilizing now will help keep your soil nutrient-rich after winter-end, leaving you with the perfect planting soil for spring landscaping.

Get Wrapped Up

Did you know that wrapping up your hedges and shrubs can help protect them against a harsh winter? Wrapping these plants in a burlap-like fabric can help reduce damage from snow, wind or falling temperatures. 
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