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2020 has proved to be a force to be reckoned with, especially during hurricane season. In Pennsylvania, we typically are not affected by hurricanes. However, we could be hit particularly hard with strong winds, downpours and potential hail damage. We got a taste of what could be to come when Hurricane Laura hit us at the tail end of August, so we are encouraging all homeowners to prepare their landscapes for rough storms.

Tie Down Loose Ends

Let’s start with the obvious: make sure that potted plants and lawn furniture are safely tied down or brought indoors. You not only want to protect your furniture and plants from damage, but you want to protect your home as well. If winds are strong enough, lawn umbrellas or chairs could be blown in windows or your roof. This rule of thumb also applies to lawn tools subject to rust and machinery. Your mower could be extremely damaged if it is left out in the rain for too long.

Prep By Pruning

You could double seasonal lawn work with storm prepping by pruning your trees and shrubs. Dead or loose branches could easily be carried by the wind and cause damage to your home or vehicles, so cut them off before the storm starts. We recommend that you give extra attention to plants that are close to your home or windows that have the ability to scratch against your windows, and remove any bird feeders or windchimes that could become a hazard.

Waterproof your Water Features

If you have water features such as streams, ponds, or waterfalls, you want to make sure to unplug them and cover wires and boxes with a tarp or other waterproof material. This can help protect your electrical systems from getting damaged.

When the storms clear, Western Lehigh will always be available to update your landscape. Contact us at 610-395-5557 for more information, or visit our Pinterest page for some inspiration after we weather the storms.