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In addition to landscaping and hardscaping, our job usually includes a lot of myth busting. Here are four of the most common misconceptions we encounter and the real advice we give our clients.

1. You can’t plant during the winter

False. Colder months are actually the best time to plant a wide variety of shrubs and trees including maple, dogwood, and evergreen. Planting trees during the fall or winter means they will stay dormant which reduces the shock of transplanting that you may typically experience during spring or summer tree planting.

Fall and winter aren’t only good for planting, but also for updates to hardscaping.

2. Brown grass always means it’s dead

Just like trees and shrubs, grass too can go dormant, albeit usually in the warmer months. Typically, cooler temps and moisture can revive a brown lawn, but the way to ensure your lawn flourishes is to have regular lawn maintenance like aeration and overseeding.

It’s also a misconception that you should keep your lawn short. Over mowing a lawn, which would be mowing any more than ⅓ of the grass blade, will damage it. It’s best to keep your blade at the highest setting during the summer.

3. Watering should only be done at night

There is an old myth that watering should only be done at night so that the water does not evaporate in the summer sun, but this turns out to be a myth. While it is best to avoid watering at the hottest time of the day, watering your lawn or plants at night is not the best course of action and can even produce molds, mildews, and fungi that could harm your plants and lawn.

4. Shrubs should be planted by buildings

There are several reasons why you want to be mindful of planting shrubs or trees too close to the house. Moisture retained by the plants could impact your siding, and could also be the perfect condition for pests like termites. Tree roots could also impact your foundation and plumbing.

Trusting a reputable landscaping company is one way to avoid such mistakes! We know the best place to plant so that you get a great looking landscape without any impact to your house.

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