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Looking out your window at a fresh coat of snow and crystal clear icicles can look quite picturesque until you realize it’s time to clear a pathway to your car or garage. Even after the snow is removed, slippery hardscapes are not uncommon. Rock salt has been a tried-and-true de-icing agent for many over the years, but did you know it can wreak havoc on your landscape, your car, and negatively affect the health of your pets?

Ice B’ Gone Magic​ is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional rock salt. This de-icing solution is 80% to 85% less corrosive than traditional rock salt, meaning that it is a safer alternative for your hardscaped surfaces. More importantly, this product is much more pet-friendly than traditional rock salt, which we understand is a big concern for all animal lovers. Rock salt can irritate your pet’s paws. Ice B’ Gone Magic is gentle and all natural.

Not only is it safer to use, but Ice B’ Gone Magic can save you money. The amount of product that you use will be reduced by 30% to 50%. Since you will be using less product, you are getting more bang for your buck. Additionally, Ice B’ Gone Magic doesn’t stop working when it hits 18 degrees like traditional rock salt. It is effective in temperatures down to -35 degrees.

Ice B’ Gone Magic is available for purchase by the bag or in bulk. ​Contact us​ to get yours today for less winter work later!