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You can’t pull off elaborate stonework and ornate hardscaping in a weekend just by watching a YouTube video, and you shouldn’t have to, because our team of landscaping experts are here to help.

When you own a home, DIY projects seem endless, but there are some projects that you don’t want to tackle on your own and landscape is often top of the list. Hiring a landscaping team to get the job done is making a worthy investment in your living space.

Here’s why it’s better to hire an expert team to refresh your outdoor living space, hardscaping, masonry, and planting:

1. It’s Our Job To Work Smarter

There are so many facets of landscaping to consider and it is our job to be on top of all of them. Our landscapers understand the logistics necessary to work with your space including zoning, permits, inspections and more. Our team of experts know what hardscaping will enhance your yard’s curb appeal and what will make it look smaller. Our horticulture experts know exactly what plants will work for your yard’s ecosystem and climate and we can explain why!

2. We Know The Best Materials For The Job

We source the very best materials for the job and for your unique needs. We are also able to get you materials that are a better quality or price than if you were to complete the same project on your own thanks to our partnership with wholesalers and local nurseries.

3. We Can Help You Stay On Budget

Starting a project and realizing halfway through you are over your head means you may be paying for materials twice. Similarly, unforeseen DIY mistakes may end up costing you extra. At Western Lehigh Landscape, we can ensure your project is completed on budget the first time around.

4. Hire One Team To Do It All

No matter what your backyard dreams entail, we are your one-stop-shop for hardscaping, landscaping, planting, outdoor kitchen design, audio, lighting, pool design, and more! We can help orchestrate your dream outdoor living situation and you only need to communicate with one person to get it all done.

If refreshing your yard is on your spring to-do list, invest in a team of professionals to bring it to life! Contact us today to schedule a consultation!